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    Wes Gibbins in “How To Get Away With Murder” | 1.01 “Pilot”


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    October is the awareness month for every single one of these!

    Don’t just go pink!


    Signal boost like there’s no tomorrow!

    I have faith in you tumblr!

    We can raise awareness for the awarenesses!

    We can do this!

    I have celiac disease and this is the first time ive EVER seen it being supported besides the little groups of people who all have it. This actually means a lot because it isn’t just a joke or diet its legit. THIS IS WHY I FUCKING LOVE TUMBLR

    i had selective mutism for 5 years in primary school. I didn’t know there was an awareness thing for it. I mean now i know i had that because of my anxiety though.

    This post is great but I wish PCOS was represented… ;~;

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    This story is on my blog and Facebook, but it’s not as big as thee Mike Browns, Ferguson or Trayvon Martins type of news, but it’s tremendously huge to me and some. This young boy dealt with bullying which is a major silent killer of the society we live in. He grew weary and took a gun to school to take his own life in the boys bathroom. This story was reported two weeks ago. Shaq was the young boy nickname as a metaphor bc he actually was bullied bc he had growing challenges, he was very small to be 14yrs old, his bodied wasn’t found until 11pm later that night…which is a mystery bc all day no one didn’t notice he was missing or concern. What makes the story more said is his parents moved to Florida from New York to stop the bullies attacking their son which apparently still didn’t work. Also they just buried their 3week old baby and now they will bury their middle son Shaq. My heart is extremely heavy, and hits to close to home for me. Suicide and bullying are massive silent killers. I want everyone to speak out against bullying and suicide. #RIPSHAQ #LAMARHAWKINS #SUICIDE #BULLYING 💔

    Rest easy baby.

    Jesus, that poor child and his family. Lord cover them and keep them in this time.



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    Re-mothafuckin blog


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    Hi, so I made a post like this a while back when I was under the username scootsmcool. I’m not really sure what happened to the masterpost then it was deleted somehow, either by me on accident or tumblr, not sure. This is a new one though and updated linked too so everything here should work! If you see a movie thats not on here I probably couldn’t find a link and I apologize but feel free to message me if you do find one! Also my inbox is open if a link isn’t working or if theres an issue with it. Some places have multiple choices so I tried to include the server that works best for those!

    I advise using chrome and definitely make sure you have adblock installed!

    1997 - 1999:

    Under WrapsYou Lucky DogBrink!HalloweentownZenon: Girl of the 21st Century (sockshare server), Smart HouseJohnny TsunamiDon’t Look Under the Bed,Horse Sense

    2000 - 2001:

    Up, Up, & AwayColor of FriendshipAlley Cats Strike BackRip GirlsMiracle in Lane 2Stepsister From Planet WeirdReady to RunQuintsThe Other MeMom’s Got a Date With a VampireThe Ultimate Christmas PresentZenon: The ZequelMotocrossed,Luck of the IrishJumping ShipThe Poof PointHalloweentown II: Kalabar’s Revenge

    2002 - 2003:

    Double TeamCadet KellyTru ConfessionsGet a ClueGotta Kick It UpRing of Endless LightYou Wish!The Even Stevens MovieEddie’s Million Dollar Cook-Off,Cheetah Girls

    2004 - 2005:

    Pixel PerfectGoing to the MatZenon Z3Stuck in the SuburbsTiger Cruise,Halloweentown HighNow You See MeBuffalo DreamsKim Possible So the DramaGo FigureLife is RuffThe Proud Family MovieTwitches

    2006 - 2007:

    Cow BellesWendy Wu Homecoming WarriorRead It & WeepCheetah Girls 2Return to HalloweentownJump In!Johnny Kapahala Back on BoardHigh School MusicalTwitches TooHigh School Musical 2

    2008 - 2009:

    MinutemenCamp RockCheetah Girls One WorldDadnappedHatching PetePrincess Protection ProgramHigh School Musical 3

    2010 - 2014:

    Starstruck (putlocker), Harriet the Spy: Blog Wars16 WishesDen BrotherAvalon High,Suite Life MovieLemonade MouthSharpay’s Fabulous AdventureGeek Charming,Good Luck Charlie: It’s Christmas!FrenemiesRadio RebelLet It ShineGirls vs. MonsterTeen Beach MovieCloud 9Zapped

    BONUS: (movies often thought of as DCOMs & shown on Disney but not actual DCOMs)

    Life SizeMy Date With the President’s DaughterModel BehaviorWish Upon A Star

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    I’m about to ufcking piss

    rip in pieces

    This is still amazing.


    This plays right into the stereotype that iPhone users really know nothing about smartphones. 

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    I don’t care what sexual orientation you are we are all aroused by this woman here 

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  8. Reblog this if I can vent to you? Like completely skip all the awkwardness and just start talking to you.

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    memes are people too 

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    I will keep this photo posted for 1 week.

    Every time someone Reblogs this photo I will donate 10 cent to charity: water

    After the money is donated I will post proof of donation.

    Show you care & Reblog.


    If you don’t reblog this at least once you’re a joke.

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    six seconds that defined a generation

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    Holy shit my Aunt is WASTED

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    water is wet

    the sun is hot

    leaves are green

    Republicans are white

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